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Barcode fonts, has anyone succesfully scanned one with a scanner?

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I cannot get any of the barcdoes fonts in airtable ot work with my scanner (Inateck BCST-20) and the manufacturere is assuring me, after sending them a picture of the airtable barcode, they assure me that the code wont work at all.
both code 39 and 128 , the fonts for these are a hoax. someone proove me wrong.
The scanner manufacturer has been very helpful to proove to me that the airtbale fonts simply dont work. so what gives?

Smartphone apps dont recognise any of them either. what is it im not getting? isnt this suppsoed to be able to print out a barcode?

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right, thank you. I was in fact googling for “start and stop” character informaton reffering to code 128, but got nowhere. Ill try a formula on my barcode number with * * around it, on code 39.
See, I had a bunch of software developers assist me on this, and we are all stumped.
One would/should assume that a barcode font would print a barcode. Surely if I select the code 39 font, the developers of that would mhave considered that the font automatically have start and stop stars? lol. why wouldnt it just do that automatically. Maybe thats outside the possibility of fonts. in any case, airtable should put this on the font preview webpage, iof it is indeed the answer.

well, ok, maybe take this key piece of information from the how to document, and make it the test text. Somehow, 3 of us missed this crucial piece of info. Thanks Vivid-Squid, we are all quite upset with ourselves now for missing that, but Im quite sure this would get 90% of people stuck. somehow we all couldnt find that piece of information anywhere. I spent a full day trying to work this out because that instruction wasnt in my face. I feel like its been hidden away in the text about font variants, it shoudl be in the HOW TO.