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Using Rollup to calculate a total price per month per client

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I am responsible for billing regular users of our Village Hall on a monthly basis. Currently, I export the data from the billing system, reduce the number of columns to the pertinent, sort by Hirer and then by date and then subtotal booking fee by Hirer and I end up with a sheet like this:
input 2022-07-11 18-46-52

I have spent 3 or 4 days now trying to replicate this in Airtable, with no joy whatsoever. I have linked tables and tried to roll up, but I cannot figure out how to roll up for each hirer. The best I have managed is to group by hirer and manually copy the summarised price total to another sheet.

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Is the desired end result a table with one row per Hirer per month, with their total for that month? If so try looking at this solution:

Sounds promising. At a little over an hour, it might be awhile until I can confirm, but thank you for replying in the meantime.