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4 - Data Explorer
Hello everyone, I have encountered some problems in recent days with basic copies between accounts.
I work on a basis for clients from my Airtable account.
They copy it to their account and there, yay:
automations are not copied, only interfaces and tables
and new: all my buttons with links to database forms with prefill are not dynamic. So when they enter a form, it puts the information... on the basis of my account

I don't know if you've ever had this problem, or if it's normal?

I used the prefill forms extension. I saw that the creator published last year about update issues but she wrote that Airtable had updated.
I reloaded the extension, deleted and reinstalled and it still doesn't work.
In my interfaces, I put buttons that send to base form URLS. And in the copy, it keeps my URLs to me.
Is there no way for these urls to be dynamic between database copies on different accounts?
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If it helps, I just tested sharing a base with an automation via a read-only link and duplicating it, and the duplicated copy had the automation in it

For your question about the form prefills, that's pretty normal I think.  The form URLs are unique to each form view, and with a duplicated base the form views are different, and thus the URLs are different

I'm not aware of any functionality that will handle the dynamic form URL changes I'm afraid

Hello Adam, thanks for your message.

On my capture, you'll see how I share, I think it is what you say ?

I open the base with this link, Copy base and ... 0 automation in it ... What i don't do you do ? thanks for your help

Ah, the read-only link is generated like this:

Screenshot 2024-02-12 at 9.51.55 PM.png

In order for the automations to be copied over when they duplicate the base I think they actually need to be collaborators

THANKS ! But if I have to add them as collaborators, am I going to pay for a license for them just so that they can copy to their workspace which they also pay for?

Not if you only give read-only access!

Thanks, so I try to put creator for the Base an other account Airtable.

Person have access to the base share. She open it and copy link to share for copy.

But when person copy the base on her workspace account, there is no automations...

How do you do ? I don't understant what to do for that is ok like you ?

Try using this documentation to create a share link; anyone accessing the base via that link will be able to duplicate it with automations

Thanks, it is exactly what I do (how you see the first image)

You really have the automation when you copy base to an other account ?

I really want to know how please, because Airtable say to me yesterday that it is not possible ?