Base Design for Small Business Expense Tracking

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I am designing a new base for tracking client accounts. We currently have approximately 12 clients, but are looking to expand our services in the next year.

Each client has 1-5 accounts with up to 5 sub accounts. The accounts are prepaid and I want to ensure we don’t go over budget. The expenses are divided into direct expenses (paid by us) and reimbursed expenses (that we will issue payment for). I would also like to submit the expense information using a form and then approve the expenses monthly.

I want to create the following views:

  1. Break down of client accounts and sub accounts with the detailed expenses
  2. Summary of client accounts and sub accounts that only shows remaining balance
  3. Reimbursed expenses each month
  4. Direct expenses each month

I would appreciate thoughts on how to cleanly design this base.

Thank you.

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Hey there! My advice is to start with a table for Clients, for Accounts and for Sub-Accounts, and use link-tos and roll-ups to get a cross-section of your balances/expenses.

Thanks. This was really helpful! I’m close to having something that will work for us.