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How to combine multiple calendars into a single view

I have a base table which contains "Content Ideas" where I collect ideas to be made into content. That content might be a "Video", "Blog Post", or "LiveStream" for example, or all three.So my table looks like this. Content IdeaLink To Blog PostsLink ...

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Monetizing Solutions Built on Airtable

I've developed a solution on top of Airtable tailored for real estate investors. This tool helps manage properties, units, tenants, and leases efficiently. Recognizing that each investor has unique needs, I am also offering customization services to ...

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Airtable Mobile App data stored

Hi, I've been asked the question regarding the Airtable data in the Mobile app. Is this data stored on the local device at all? Or is it effectively just viewing the online data ?  Its  a security concern regarding giving access to employees on their...

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Airtable Academy – Login issues

Hi everyone,I'm having trouble accessing Airtable Academy. Whenever I try to log in, I get the following message:Sorry, you do not have access to this page.I've attached a screenshot of the message below.Has anyone else experienced this issue? Does a...

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Security & Compliance Admin Settings

Hello,Can someone please shed some light on what the "Full" and "Access Read-only Share links" options are under Read-only Share links Configuration section? The help page here talks about everythign except this option.Thanks so much for your help!

Security & Compliance.png
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Sai by 4 - Data Explorer


Hi! I need help. I am attempting to connect a Jotform to my Airtable. Here is the problem: on the Jotform, users can submit multiple students to nominate on one form (ex: student 1, student 2, etc). From there, I want the data to populate on my airta...

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Summarizing linked records in a lookup field

Hello! I'm trying to figure out how to count the number of times that a linked record appears within a cell in a lookup field, but I'm completely stumped.My base contains information about hockey leagues and clubs. There are several tables, but the i...

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Page Designer-esque extension for whole grid?

I need to be able to quickly select products to send out as a pricelist each week. Since all my data is in airtable, I'd like to be able to do this from Airtable, however I am unable to find a tidy way to do this with airtable.. The issues I have doi...

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