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Good day all. I am trying to create a formula to name my Clients based on the following: If {company} is not blank, use {company} and if {company} is blank use {last name}, {first name} - and if there is a spouse name use {last name}, {first name} & ...
It seems like it should be a simple solution, but my brain is tired! I am using a rollup field to show the total discount so I can highlight it on a quote which I have made with page designer. If there is no discount ($0.00) I don't want it to show o...
I am trying to create a custom quoting system and because all of the items I sell are custom and have varying prices, I have come up with a way to create the quotes using 2 tables. But I want to know if there is away to automatically add several reco...
I would like to omit the semi-colon when a field is blank, and I know it can be done using IF, however my brain cannot wrap around how to pull it together! Can anyone help? Here’s my example: The current Formula I am using: Much appreciated :sligh...
Hello Community! I am struggling with writing a formula for naming the main field in a table. I would like the formula to name the field {Company} if the field {Company} is not blank and name the field {Last Name} - {First Name} if the {Company} fie...