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I have a grid view with a field that shows volunteers that have volunteered along with the date they volunteeredI want to figure out how many volunteers volunteered each month - how do I find how many unique volunteer names appear in this list, and i...
I have a table where static information about my volunteers lives.In it, I have a field (Static Notes) with an IF statement that looks to see if they have a check mark in "Qualified" (to walk dogs) and if they do, it returns "DDW" (designated dog wal...
I have a form that I am editing using the "new form designer" - aka Interface Designer.I am adding some new questions that should be in a group - and all of my old questions seem to be in another group.Can I put the new group INSIDE the old group? Or...
So I have this automation set up so that if there's no email address where I expect it to be, it can try using another field - but it's getting hung up on the if step. Isn't that the whole point of an if->otherwise condition set up? 
I am trying to insert a formula field for a "friendly name" into an automated email.The formula just looks to see if a person has a nickname and then either uses the first name or the nickname.IF({Nickname},{Nickname},IF({First Name},{First Name}))I ...
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