Re: Base Permission - Possible not to have collaborators copy a base?

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Im making a airtable system, for a friend of mine.
It deals with quite sensitive data…
Is there a way to make sure an editor can’t just duplicate a whole his base including all records into their own workspace, but still be able to edit records?

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I agree, and in a GDPR context, it’s uncompliant :upside_down_face:

Yep, it’s one of the major security holes in Airtable (yes, there are more of them).

You could use a portal tool like to create a more secure user frontend for Airtable, but then you lose all of the interface benefits & most of the features of Airtable.

I would recommend that people keep emailing about this issue. Although it’s been 6 years and they haven’t cared enough to address this issue, so it’ll likely never happen.