Basic Order Form with Units Using Shopify Airpower Base as Product Data

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I’ve used Airpower to import all my product, customer and order information into Airtable. Now I would like to create a form for my wholesale reps to key in new wholesale orders. I see a way to add multiple products from the variant tab. But I don’t see a way in the forms view to allow them to choose products and associate units with those line items.

For example, they would order:
product 1 - 3 units
product 2 - 7 units

I’m hoping to create a new order workflow where we can approve these and have them added to our order tab as a draft order, then trigger an invoice sent to the customer and rep.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Pia, unfortunately Airtable forms doesn’t have a nice way to handle this and your best bet would be to use something like miniExtensions, which has a line item feature built for their forms

The hacky solution with Airtable forms only could involve getting your reps to key in the names of the product and then the amount ordered like you showed into a long text field:

product 1 - 3 units
product 2 - 7 units

And then using an automation to parse that data I guess?