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Best CRM to integrate with Airtable

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Hey there,

I’m in need of some advice from the community. We have recently set up Airtable as a CRM and it is working wonderfully with the exception of e-mail tracking.

We’re still using Hubspot for e-mail tracking with a button from within Airtable that takes you directly to the deal in Hubspot - so you can see/send comms to a contact. However, we’re really keen to ditch Hubspot but I don’t think it’s possible to solve the e-mail tracking from within Airtable.

Does anyone have any experience with any other CRM’s that offer email tracking and offer a clean/straight forward integration with Airtable? Currently, we use integromat to bridge the gap which works well but we cannot use it for contact mapping.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Harry, Pipedrive has email tracking and is very well connected with Integromat. Could be used for contact mapping.

You can use Integromats tools to record emails in and out of any smtp email box. We use a combination of this and sendinblue’s open tracking (also via Integromat) to replicate a lot of hubspot’s features right inside Airtable

Thanks for the replies! Pipedrive seems to be the best recommendation so far - few others have recommended offline.

When you say “email tracking” do you mean:

  • Seeing content of all emails sent and received in Airtable
  • Seeing whether 1-1 emails were opened in Airtable
  • Seeing whether marketing emails were opened/clicked in Airtable

Slightly different solutions for each.