Bi-directional syncing of a shared record across two tables

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I have a Master Table “Source Table” with all our project tasks. What I want to do is set up is a way that when a task is assigned to a team member that the record for that task ALSO shows up in that team member’s table “Receiving Table” without breaking the link between the two tables so that any updates would be bi-directionally synced (e.g., the team member uses their own table and changes the task’s status from “To do” to “Completed” and that same status change shows up in the Master Table on that same record too). So far, I’ve only been able to ascertain that Airbase can do a one-directional syncing from the “source” to the “receiving” table but not back from the “receiving” to the “source” table. Why not? I’ve also figured out how to set up an automation to copy a record from the “source” table to a “receiving” triggered by a change in the person assigned, but in that case, it creates a copy that no longer syncs at all with the source once it creates the copied record. Help!

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Hi @Meg_Ramey ,

Welcome to Airtable Community !

There is no Bi-Directional syncing BUT you can do it by several workarounds:

  1. Using to create a portal for each of the team members instead of syncing the data to separate tables, then using this portal they can have a form to update whatever data you need them to (best option)

  2. You can use a form and automations to achieve the same thing. But rather than creating a new record in the Team Member view/table, update the record in the master base


You can sync it back, to other table. link record to yours and define how to merge result.

5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Thanks, Alexey, but I don’t understand these instructions. Would you mind breaking them down into steps?

I mean a simple scenario, without automation (almost)
You choose some fields of your Master table to sync. (Task number, task description, end date - for example) Team member received the data in “Receiving table”, where he/she has some editable fields in addition to synced (that can’t be edited). These fields in Receiving table, together with 1-2 synced fields added to another shared view and synced back (Task number, Completion status, additional comments - for example), AT will create some synced table, “Master2”, for example.
You link M1 with M2 and use task number to maintain links via automation (that’s really simple. ‘when record match condition (linkfield empty)’-'update record, field ‘link to M1’, value Task number.
In M1, you add lookup fields ‘Task status’, ‘comments’ etc.
It a bit more complex than usual shared record, but you have no edition conflicts
An if you want simple share, you can use the same base.

Hi, Alexey,

I’m interested in the solution that you proposed here. Do you think you could make a Loom video walking me through how to set this up so I could get a visual example?

Thank you!

Well, maybe my spoken English is not good enough for videos, but I think you don’t care :slightly_smiling_face: , so I will try.

Thank you! Your video was super helpful!

8 - Airtable Astronomer
8 - Airtable Astronomer

Worth noting that today’s announcement says bi-directional syncing is currently available for Enterprise users and will have wider availability in 2023!