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Hi all, has anyone successfully integrated Airtable with an information dashboard application like Geckoboard or Databox? My team dreams of a solution like Panic’s (now discontinued) Status Board, running on top of Airtable data, for display on a 4K TV, likely driven by a Mac mini.

Similarly, what are come recommended alternatives to Geckoboard and Databox, should I have to build the integration myself?

Thank you!!!


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I am super interested in this as well. Mainly to find some customizable dashboard apps that can work with Airtable. As much as I like some of the blocks/built in Airtable functionality, having data from multiple bases would be great.

My first thought was just a basic HTML page of embedded bases, but I’d like to think there’s a better option.

Castor and Dasher look interesting too. An Apple TV app would totally suffice, if the integrations can be done by a non-developer.

In case someone is serious about this, feel free to send me a message. Looking at the developer docs I’m pretty sure I can build a connector for most of these tools. :slightly_smiling_face:

Looking into it more, we may be most interested in an integration for Numerics:

Looks slick.

Again, I’m pretty sure I can make it work for you in case you’re interested.

Hey all, we have been using Klipfolio and it plays nicely with Airtable. We haven’t tried any of the others suggested here, but I hope you post your experiences - curious about Numeric.

Klipfolio looks interesting, thanks for sharing. Wish they had individual user pricing but looks promising nonetheless (looking for a personal / single user dashboard).

Yep – we use successfully. Nice interface and TV output options.

What we mostly do is combine Airtable with other data sources there. E.G. Airtable data + AWS data, Salesforce + Airtable, etc.

Oh and @Alex_Wolfe we combine Airtable Bases together in Grow as well. :slightly_smiling_face:

@Christopher_Rex how are you integrating Airtable with Klipfolio? Seems as though they don’t have a built in integration…

I have Airtable’s mobile view embedded in Castor, but it’s less than elegant. Having a bright white panel in the middle of a status board aint ideal. Thus: Dark Mode for Embeds (If Not Elsewhere)

@Andrew_Enright we had to develop a custom connector using Airtable’s JSON API - but I think this may be necessary for most solutions.

Yeah, hoping to find a solution that requires minimal coding… Or a reliable low-cost development partner. It’d be AMAZING, to see screenshots of some of ur-all’s solutions, particularly Klipfolio. But I understand that redaction aint quick.

Hello Airtable world,

I am a co-creator of Numerics and I’d like to let you know that we are exploring Airtable as an integration, as it has quickly become a highly asked-for integration.

While I have been a mildly active user of Airtable for sometime, we have not had the opportunity to use it for a business application yet. I’d love to hear your thoughts about data points that you would like to see integrated into Numerics dashboards or any ideas related ideas that you may want to share.

For those who are creating their own JSON API, integrating to the currently available version of Numerics should be pretty straight forward. Numerics lets you create 9 typed of dashboard visualizations or widgets out of JSON data. Currently http basic auth and public JSON endpoints are supported. Here are the JSON specifications for all 9 widget types: Numerics JSON widget specifications

@Andrew_Enright for a non-coding solution, you might check out google sheets with their accompanying charts. Its very easy to update via Zapier from Airtable and you can then embed the charts into a simple webpage.


Thanks for chiming in here! It’s great to know that Airtable integration is on your roadmap, especially for those of us without the benefit of JSON skills.

To answer your question… We’re most interested in replicating the chart and pivot table functionality already present in Airtable blocks. That said, we DO need the UI consistency associated with a proper TV dashboard application like Numerics. At present, Blocks cannot be embedded into webpages as stand-alone “widgets”, and even if they could be (like mobile Airtable views can be) they would not be appropriately skinned.

Happy to clarify further if need be; just holler!



Any chance you can give me a few pointers? I’m no developer, but DO need to connect Airtable with something like Klipfolio (or Numerics)…

From what I can see in this forum and elsewhere, the JSON connection is “easy” and can “take less than 5 minutes” (@Joe_Williams), but I don’t know where to begin.

MANY THANKS for any help you (or anyone) can provide!!


Never got any help here, did you? I’m after the same thing now that you’re talking about! Looking for a place to start, but don’t have any coding experience either.



I’m happy to say, we have Airtable data hitting Geckoboard, using Google Sheets via Railsware.

And are working on our own middle-ware, so we can go API-to-API. But that’s a nights-and-weekends project, thus slow-going.

Good luck!