Move table out of base, then sync and keep them linked to each other

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4 - Data Explorer

We’ve been using Airtable for a couple of years now and our system has grown from a simple back-end to the monster she is today. Now as we scale up I need to limit access to tables, with Airtable Syned Bases I can do this. But I have a very complex system of tables all linked to each other set-up and am unsure how to move tables out (so users cannot edit them anymore) but keep all the initial linked formulas, etc. Does this make sense? Is this possible at all?

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Welcome to the community, @Wietse_Sennema1!

I don’t know of any programmatic way to do that, but probably the easiest way would be to duplicate your entire base (to become a new source base), and then start deleting tables from your previous base (which is now your destination base).

Then, for every table that you delete from your destination base, you can replace it with a synced table from your source base.

(And back in your source base, you would delete unnecessary tables as well.)

Maybe others will have other ideas for you, too!