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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

My base is designed to track testing results across multiple applications. All application testing results are housed in a single table with a column to identify which application the test results refer to. We have testers in the field that complete a test form for each test case which writes back to the results table. I am able to create grid views to show the results for each different application. I’d like to create form views on each of these grid views. When I try to limit the record selection to a view, my only option is the standard Grid view. My newly created and filtered grid views are not listed as options. Any suggestions?

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I’m not sure I fully understand, but are you saying that you want to display your record data to people using the form interface?

The form is only used to collect new data (i.e. add new records).

For displaying data, your choices are the grid view, kanban view, gallery view, and calendar view.

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Maybe some more background will help.
One set of testers work on something called LTACH, another set of testers work on something called change. These are very different applications but we collect testing data on both in a single table. This gives us overall success rates for the initiative my department is part of.

I want to create two different user input forms that will filter for the test steps the person is taking. Sally tests for Change, I want her form to be Change related. Frank test in LTACH, I want his form to be geared toward his work. I can set views up that show only Change or only LTACH, how can I make the forms more applicate related?
Does that help give more context?

Pardon me for jumping in, but I think I have the same question. Essentially, I want to share a form for input by another party, but I want the form I send to be partially completed, and they add their response ( ie - RFI form #1 is poses a specific question, the form response adds their answer to same form ). If this is a different issue, I’ll repost separately.

You have 2 options. Either:

  1. Create 2 different forms, each one with different fields on them.


  1. Use the conditional features of the form to show & hide different fields, based on what they have entered into other fields.

Hi Glenn, I’m not sure I understand — but I would post your question as a separate post, so the maximum number of people can see it.

So I cannot create filtered Grid views then create forms based on the filtered grids? This would be ideal.
Creating 2 forms with different fields will not work because the data is not kept in separate fields, so that’s out.
Conditional fields won’t work either. I am not trying to remove certain fields from the form, I am trying to filter the entries available in the drop downs based on the application the person is testing. If Field A has Change in it, only show workflow related to Change in field B, and if possible only test steps for Change in column C.

You can create 2 different forms with the same fields, if you‘d like. You aren’t restricted to using different fields on each form.

As I mentioned above, you can also use conditional form fields for hiding/showing fields based on different criteria.

If those tools aren’t powerful enough for you, then you would need to turn to external form building tools and feed the answers from those forms into Airtable.