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5 - Automation Enthusiast


I am working with a simple CRM system. We have calls, emails, meetings, etc. that we log. We also log events and I’m trying to work with historical data to fill in some entries. I have numerous completed events and I have uploaded the contact lists. I have my interactions linked to contacts, but I am wondering how do I upload a list of people who all attended the same event and have it link to their contact record?

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Hi @Timothy_Buhler and welcome to the community!

In the simplest of ways, if you have a linked field in your Events table, linking to your Contacts table, copy pasting all event attendees in that linked record field will connect them to the matching contact record, or create new records when no match is found.

Sounds easy enough, but when I do that the linked contacts field says “this field type is not supported”?

This is what I see

Can you copy/past in stead of importing?

It just shows up as blank records?

Got it - it was commas that were messing me up

Thanks for the assistance!!