Calculating a Project Managers Bandwidth

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I work for an agency where we have several project managers, each assigned to a various number of projects. Each project has an estimate for how many hours per day the PM spends attending to it.

My End Goal is to be able to set a PMs max number of hours per week at 40, and be able to see the sum of how many hours per week they spend on their speicific projects, so I can divide that actual total by 40 and see a % output of their capacity / bandwidth.

I Currently have a base setup that tracks each project, and on those projects records the PM is assigned and the project has an hour per day bandwidth value.

I’ve created a separate Base as the place to list our company PMs (to aggregate the data) and have synced my projects over to that Base to be able to use the project specific data.

How can I summarize the hours values per PM, bring that summarized value into the PMs record in my company base, and then run a formula to divide the two and give me the % output?

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