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I’m trying to figure out if there is a calendar view that is synced with a table view. In other words, I want a tab that is the grid view, where i can update records, and a tab that is a calendar view synced with one or more grid views that can also be updated and reflected in the grid views. Right now I can copy a table and see it in calendar, but the records aren’t synced after the copy, and making changes in one view doesn’t update the other. Alternatively I can switch back and forth between views for one table, but I can’t have a master calendar. Is this possible?

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I’m having a little trouble following your question. Views are exactly that: Different ways of looking at the same data. Accordingly, a calendar view and a grid view of the same table should display the same data. You should be able to switch back and forth between views and see changes made in one reflected in the other.

If you copy a table, though, you’ve created two independent copies of the data; changes to one are not mirrored in the other. (Copying tables is usually reserved to instances when a developer wishes to test a different approach to a problem without the risk of corrupting existing data or when a developer needs to create a slightly different class of table; it’s typically not an action used in an operational base.)

I’m not sure if this addresses your issue; if not, let me know, and I’ll give it another swing.

I think what Geri is looking for is the same question I have, which is: rather than having different views for the same table only accessible within “views”, would there be a way to have, say, a calendar view on one tab, and a grid view for the same data on a separate tab? Linking the tabs so to speak.

Jon, what advantage do you feel that would provide when compared to having one “view” that was a calendar, and one “view” that was a grid, both of which are the same data?

Just a psychological benefit to not having to go another menu level deep to get to my most used views. I’d prefer to have the option to put them on top level tabs. Some kind of quick favorite views functionality would be cool too.