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4 - Data Explorer

Hi all,

In my calendar view, I would like more information to being displayed when clicking on a field without having to click “expand record.”

For example, in my Table my primary field is called “Task” and the calendar uses a “Due Date” field to add entries. I have also have additional fields such as Client and Project for each Task. When I am in the calendar view and select an entry, it only shows the name of the Task and the date associated with it. I have to select “expand record” in order to view the Client and Project. I am looking for a way to show the Client and Project field when clicking on the entry, and not have to always select “expand record.” The Kanban view lets you do this through “customize cards.”

Does anyone know a solution for this, without having to change my naming system for the “Task” field.


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Hey there! It’s a good question and one that I have definitely run into a few time. My solution generally has been to create a sync between Airtable and the calendar I use daily (Like G-Cal) so I can ensure that the correct information is surfaced there.

Would also be keen to see what others do for an issue like this!