Re: Can address filed write on the calendar view which will also write on Apple/Goole Calendar's location field?

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

ok, sounds confused, but let me recap it.
one stunning function on the apple calendar is they send you the notifications on the time of when you should leave, they can track your current location and the appointment on the calendar where you had the location and set the notification of leaving time.
I’m wondering, Is it possible to create the address field that can also write on the calendar view which also will write on Apple/Goole Calendar??


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Not with Airtable’s iCal link function, unfortunately. In order to get the location field for the event to populate in either Google or Apple’s calendar system, you will need a Zapier or Integromat integration

thank you @Kamille_Parks, do you mind specific how I could use Zapier realism this function? thank you.

If you sign up for Zapier, you can use one of these pre-built scenarios to make detailed calendar events from Airtable records: