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Is there a way to have linked fields in a table display as a color identified by a field in another table?

For example:

I’m trying to set up a social media calendar. I’m color coding by platform in table 1. So Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are all different colors. In table 2, I have post topics I’m displaying all posts that are about a certain topic in the linked field. I’d like those linked posts to display as the colors set up in Table 1 for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Please let me know if this doesn’t make sense.

Thank you!

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No, colors won’t carry over because colors are part of the “query” you are making in a view (ie, colors won’t even carry over within Views in the same table).

All those options in the menu bar of a view are essentially query options. By setting filters, grouping, sorting, and colors, you are making a query against that table — you are telling Airtable, “Show me these records out of this table, and show them to me organized in this way, and colored according to this logic. So when you set that color option, you aren’t creating any sort of permanent color on your records… think of it more like a filter you are applying only in that view.

The good news is you can make a color filter in your new table that uses logic based on your lookup fields (IF “Lookup field” = Facebook, color blue, etc) to match the coloring you apply in your other view.

Thank you! I’ll try to play around to see if I can get that to work!

My question too coming here today, I looked up a Priority field from a table - lookup via another linked field - and the colour carried through. Will continue to test doesn’t seem to happen all the time.