Can I use Airtable to let customers reserve a spot in yoga classes?

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4 - Data Explorer

I saw this article that shows you how to let people schedule a time with you: How to make a simple booking system

It’s similar to what I want except I want to let about 20 people reserve the same spot, and hide it once its full. I’d also like to be able to let customers know how many people have reserved a spot in each given time if possible.

Is this possible? Is there an example of someone doing something similar?

Also, is this something that Interface Designer could help with?

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Absolutely! The basic principles that I see coming into play are these:

  • To control how many people can book for a given slot (assuming that you’re using linked records to let registrants pick time slots), add a count field to the table containing your class records. This field type counts the number of linked records in a specified field, which would tell you how many registrants exist for each class. Create a view named something like “Open Classes” that only shows records where that incoming record count is below a certain threshold. When letting registrants pick records, set the form field options to only allow selection from that “Open Classes” view.
  • To let people see how many slots are reserved/left, turn the primary field into a formula that displays that value along with the slot title; e.g. “Friday 11/19 @ 8 am (5 spaces left)” or “Friday 11/19 @ 9 am (17 attendees)”. That name will be visible as registrants browse the options.

Not at this time. Interface designer is currently only usable by base collaborators, whereas the signup system that you’re looking to build needs to be public-facing. It’s likely that such public-facing features will be added, but Airtable hasn’t offered any indications on the timing.