Can make an annual payment for a certain user?

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I have a question, can I make an annual payment for a user? say I have three collaborators on a pro plan. I’d like to make payments for this user on an annual basis. Can I do that?

Another question, is there a way to make collaborators pay for their subscription? we are a team and instead of Airtable charging me for the whole subscription I’d like it to be relayed to the collaborators. In your case, the only reason I’m responsible for getting charged is that I created the base (and the workspace) on my account. Would love to know how teams here handle billing.


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Not that I know of. My clients also have to pay my share if they are owner of the workspace I am working in as a freelancer. Already mentioned this to Airtable, but no news so far.

Best option is to send an email to Airtable with these questions (