Can multiple people work on the same workbook at the same time?

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I work on a marketing team and we were wondering if it is possible to have multiple people work on the workbook, enter and view information simultaneously? Like google docs where multiple people can be working on the same document entering information simultaneously.


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Hi @willmoga,

Absolutely! You won't see where someone else is viewing/clicking but you will see any edits they've made. Airtable is designed for collaboration and has a ton of features to make this seamless such as @ mentions, record revision history, base/field permissions, to name a few.

By workbook, do you mean an Airtable base?

Yes, multiple can work in the same Airtable base at the same time. You can even work in the same Airtable base yourself in multiple windows or devices. (I actually do this a lot.)

If someone else changes a value in a grid view that you are in, you will see immediately that the other person made the change.