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Can someone help me?

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Ok So I have a Google Sheet and I wish to create something similar in Airtable since Google is limiting the project basically

So, we have people that put in information on a form on Slack

The form includes:

Product Name
Type of Submission
Type of Market
IP Violation Type
Submitted by
Submitted From

On the URL field people put in various urls example.

So when it goes into the Google Sheet it counts that entry as two urls that were submitted by John Doe. The Google Sheet also checks that the url is active or removed usually giving out the 200, and if removed 404 error.

Is this something that can be replicated on Airtable?

Here is the link to our google sheet

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Hi @Jorge_Gonzalez,

I found the following conversation. I don’t know I you can solve the issue that they describe in the thread but you can use a third party platform like integromat to do this.