Can we change airtable form website or redirect it?

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hello Everyone,

We have a QR code tenants can scan which will redirect them to a form to fill out.
We are not really fans of the fact the form is in a website instead of one of ours.

The QR code is already printed and scattered around the community and it leads to an website.

Can we redirect the users after they scan the QR code to a custom website which has the form held on the website?


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No, that is not possible.

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You can embed the form on your website. It’s one of your form sharing options.

@ScottWorld What @Giorgio_Bazzigaluppi is saying is that…

  • The horse is already out of the barn.
  • The ship has sailed.
  • The train has already left the station.
  • The fox is already in the hen house.
  • The water is over the dam.
  • The bird has left the nest.
  • The QR code ain’t gonna’ change.

Moving the form to a website as an embedded feature doesn’t help. So now he wants to redirect a public URL on the Airtable domain and that’s likely a big “no”.

This is why URI’s are such key strategic decisions.

@Bill.French is correct. I just found out about the embedded feature and will take advantage of it for the next forms.
For now though, could I embed the form in our domain and then redirect the to said domain?

No, that is not possible.