Can you build a calendar view without using a calendar field type aka "date"? When i converted my single text field type to date, i lost a lot of data that wasn't formatted as xx/xx/xxxx and i need to build a calendar view

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4 - Data Explorer

Want to confirm that you have to have a “date” field type to create a calendar view…is that correct? For example, you can’t create a calendar view if your date field is “single text” type…

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Welcome to the community, @Julie_Hammer !

Either a date field or a formula field that results in a date.

If you have text that you need to turn into a date field, you could create a formula field that uses the DATETIME_PARSE function to parse the text into a date. (And afterwards, you could even convert that formula field into a normal date field.)

Although it sounds like you have text in multiple different formats… that would certainly increase the complexity of your formula, if you wanted to account for multiple different text formats.

Check out the DATETIME_PARSE function, along with the other date & time functions, in this support article: