Can you create a pivot table, in a new table, and add fields to the new table?

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I was wondering if you could set up a pivot table in a new table instead of using the app that just visualizes the pivot table but doesn’t allow you to add field to that table. I hope I’m expressing myself clearly.

This is the idea:

  • I have a table with properties that have a field with the responsible realtor (table 1)
  • I want a table which lists the realtors and how many properties are linked to each realtor (table 2)
  • in table 2 I want to add fields with for example notes (long text) or a status (single select)

This sounds quite simple but I don’t quite understand how this works in Airtable.

Thank you in advance!

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If you want a table where each realtor is a record that only appears once, convert the {Responsible Realtor} field in [Table 1] to a Link to another record-type field.

This will create a new table for Realtors. Then add a Count-type field to count how many properties they’re linked to.