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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

I’m trying to design a base where I can see how many of my working hours each day are allocated to tasks, thus how much capacity I have remaining or if I am overbooked.
So far I have a list of Projects which includes fields for start date, deadline, estimated hours the project will take.

I can calculate the number of days the project spans, split the total estimated hours across those days, calculate % of total daily capacity.

What I’m struggling with is a way to represent this on a per day basis, i.e a view in which I can see each working day of the week, how many hours I am booked for across all the projects I might have ongoing.
I am assuming an even split across the project duration, so say Project 1 spans 3 days and will take me 3 hours, for planning purposes I would need to allocate 1 hour per day.

Any tips? I have looked through several of the task/resource management bases out there and they all seem to go by task count rather than hours, and I can’t find anything spanning a date range.

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