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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I’m new to all this, so have a very simple question - how do I alter the width of my columns in my Base? I’ve started from scratch on my iPad with a Recipe database and I want to expand the left hand column to display the full title of the recipe, but it just won’t let me do it. I also want a narrower column which just lists the type of recipe and I can’t do that either.

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Unfortunately, even though Airtable has released a “mobile app”, the product is only fully-featured on a desktop computer with a mouse or trackpad. The mobile app is missing most of the features of the desktop app — which is a really odd decision since the vast majority of people access the Internet through mobile devices.

Thanks. I’ve now downloaded it onto my laptop and it works fine there :thumbs_up:

You’re welcome. Also, Airtable can be used with all of its features in a desktop web browser as well. Desktop web browsers are fully supported. (Mobile browsers are not.)