Changing Information Shown when linking to a record

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I would like to change the information shown when I link to a record to make it easier to select.

For example, when choosing a record from a linked database it gives me the first 3 fields but they are not useful. I would like to replace the field and replace it with something more useful. Right now there’s information I need before selecting the record that I can’t see.

Is there any way to fix this?

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10 - Mercury

Hi there!

I believe the info that you’re referring to is in the same order as the primary view (the first grid view in your list of views) in the table you are linking to. Or, if you’re linking to a specific view, it will follow the field order of that view.

To change it, re-order your fields :slightly_smiling_face: Note that hiding fields has no effect - they will still show up if they’re in the first three after the primary field.

Hope that helps!

Another option is to turn the primary field of the target table into a formula that pulls relevant data from other fields. If rearranging fields like @AlliAlosa suggests doesn’t give you everything you need to see, this could be done to bring even more data into view.


Note that even when linking to a specific view, the fields that are displayed when you expand a linked record are determined by the primary view for that table. (I realize I’m answering a question you didn’t ask, but it’s something that often causes confusion. :winking_face: )

True! This is something I actually wish would change. In my more complicated bases, I’ve set-up my views so that when I’m training someone, the grid view and the expanded record they see is as straight forward and simple as I can make them, with only the fields I want them to edit. This of course causes problems (or, I guess maybe just small annoyances :winking_face: ) for me when I’m trying to make updates and have to unhide the fields that I want to edit.