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4 - Data Explorer

Suppose I have multiple products (Cola, Root Beer, and Diet Cola) that come in different sizes (6-pack and 2-liter). I currently have an interface set up where I can fill out a sales order where product and size are selected separately via single-selection. The problem is that each possible combination has an arbitrary price not based on any mathematical formula. I would like to reference the price based on these two selections, but I can't see any way to do that.

I'm totally comfortable making a new table with a separate record for each possible combination (so six, in the current example). I just need a way to reference those records based on my two single-selects.

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Ah, once you create that new table you mentioned, you could have an automation that would run whenever the product and size's are selected, and its action would be to look for a record in the new table that has the same product and size.  You'd then add an "Update record" step to link the found record to the triggering record, does that make sense?

Lemme know if you could use an example and I'll throw something together!