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Client Order & Order Line Number

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I am feeling like I am doing a lot of double manual entry. I started with the Product Catalog & Orders template, but I am entering the same information in both Client order & Order Line Number tables.

Is there a way, that when I add a new Client Order, to pull at least the order number over to the Order Line number table and start a new record? That way I can at least see which orders still need “line items” added.

Right now I’m entering orders as a whole in Client Order, but then having to make sure I go back and catch all those Line items and not miss an entire order. The tables are linked together, I’m just feel like I’m missing a simple step that when I enter in client order, nothing is pulling to Order Line Items.

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If you have the two tables related to each other through linked records, then yes.

Do you have a “Link to another table” field that links an “Order Line Number” to a “Client Order”?

If so, then you can use “Lookup” fields to pull data from the “Client Order” table into each and every “Order Line Number” you link to the “Client Order”.

So, for example, let’s say you have a “Date” field in your “Client Orders” table. In your “Order Line Number” table, you would create a “Lookup” field, point it at the “Client Orders” linked record field, then at the “Date” field from the “Client Orders” table. Use the formatting tab to format the resulting “Date” as you’d like, and then hit OK – that field will now pull the date from the “Date” field in the “Client Orders” table into every “Order Line Number” record that is linked to a “Client Order”.

Yes! When I do the lookup feature in the Order Line Items, it’s empty and won’t show anything I update. I did verify that my 'Linked fields" in Order Line items shows “Client Orders” and vice versa.

So I’m adding the order number in Client Orders to an “Order #” column (which is used in a formula for the main column to populate a new line) then again in the “link to Order Line Item” Column where it doesn’t find a open order and I have to “add a new record” from that point. BUT the link to order line items column, is also tied to a formula in the main column. Client Orders.PNG Order%20Line%20Number

Well, I’m a little confused – I don’t see what’s wrong in your screenshot.

Your yellow-highlighting is highlighting blank space – there’s no record there. Is it meant to underline the record above? (#58247322-M)

If it’s underlining, then that record seems to be pulling it’s Order # just fine.

If the yellow is not underlining, then I’m not sure what you’re getting at. In your top screenshot, Order #111111111-M is not linked to any Order Line Items yet, so you will not see any Order Line Items pulling in its data.

OK! That’s my problem I guess! The highlight is showing where I thought “1111111” should be pulling, and it’s empty!

Yep… as soon as you add a new linked record in the “Order Line Items” field for Order #111111111-M, you will see a new record in the “Order Line Items” table with that Order #.

5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Ok thank you! I may have to rethink the whole way I’ve done this. When I add the number to the linked column, they come back as unnamed after I “create” the record.