Collaboration and Transfering Workspaces

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4 - Data Explorer

Can I transfer my workspace including all bases from my pro plan to another person’s pro plan?

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Pro plans are attached to workspaces, not people.

And sure, just add them as an owner to your workspace, and then remove yourself.

Welcome to the Airtable community!

If you want to transfer a workspace to someone else, you can add them to the workspace as an “Owner” and then remove yourself.

However, that person will then up having (and paying for) two Pro workspaces. Of course, the new owner could then drag all the bases to one pro workspace and then delete the extra one.

If you want to transfer some (but not all) bases to another person’s existing Pro workspace (so they don’t have to pay for two workspaces), I like to use this technique:

  1. Create a new free workspace (or use an existing one) that is used only for transferring bases.
  2. Have both you and the new owner be creators on the free workspace.
  3. Drag the bases from your workspace to the shared free workspace.
  4. Have the new owner drag the bases from the shared free workspace to his own pro workspace.
  5. Optionally, delete the free workspace once it is empty.