Colouring Records Based on Values from 2 different tables

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5 - Automation Enthusiast


I’ve searched the forums rigorously but can’t seem to find a solution.
My problem is pretty simple,
I have one table called “Shipments”. In that table there’s a field called “Supplier” where we fill in the supplier when registering new deliveries.
Secondly i have another table called “Top Suppliers” which basically only contains one field called “Top Suppliers”.
What i want to achieve is that when the field “Supplier” is filled in with a supplier that is in the list “Top Suppliers” from the second table it highlights it with a colour.

Feels like the solution could be simple with a formula field but i can’t seem to wrap my head around it. Any suggestions? Grateful for any response.

If not this would be a great function to add to Airtable in the conditional colouring.
I.e"If Value A in Table A Is Not Empty Colour Value B"

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You can’t highlight a cell with a color in Airtable, if that’s what your trying to do. You can tag a record with a color if you are using a Pro account. But you can also just use a formula field that outputs eye-catching emoji when a “Top Supplier” is found.

The way you’d identify a Top Supplier would be much easier if you just defined the Top Sellers in a formula field in the main table, than having them in a separate table. The. You could just use the FIND() function inside a conditional like so:

      {Top Suppliers List}
   “✅ Top Supplier”