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Combine multiple fields and format them?

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I am hoping to find a FREE solution right now, if possible. This project I am working on is new so there is no money to spend on it.

So I have a table that has an input form for measurements like so:

Field 1 Name: Height
Field Answer: 70cm

Field 2 Name: Head circumference
Field Answer: 8cm

Field 3 Name: Foot length
Field Answer: 6cm

Is there a way to combine those fields into one after submitting the form and format them (Bullet points)? Example:

Field 1 Name: Measurements
Field Answer:

  • Height: 70cm
  • Head circumference: 8cm
  • Foot Length: 6cm


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You could use a formula field which will get you most of the way there (formatting would be off, as it won’t be a proper bulleted list)

"* Height: " & {Height} & "\n"
"* Head circumference: " & {Head circumference} & "\n"
"* Foot length: " & {Foot length}

Kamille’s solution is good, except you need to concatenate the lines in the formula. If the input fields are number fields, you may also need to include the units in the formula.

When making multi-line concatenations, I also like to use CONCATENATE in combination with &:

  "* Height: " & {Height} & "cm\n",
  "* Head circumference: " & {Head circumference} & "cm\n",
  "* Foot length: " & {Foot length} & "cm"

This is saying invalid forumla. :frowning:

  "* Height: " & {Height} & "cm\n",
  "* Head Circumference: " & {Head Circumference} & "cm\n",
  "* Neck Circumference: " & {Neck Circumference} & "cm\n"
  "* Chest Circumference: " & {Chest Circumference} & "cm\n",
  "* Shoulder Width: " & {Shoulder Width} & "cm\n",
  "* Waist Circumference: " & {Waist Circumference} & "cm\n"
  "* Arm Length: " & {Arm Length} & "cm\n"
  "* Wrist Circumference: " & {Wrist Circumference} & "cm\n"
  "* Thigh Circumference: " & {Thigh Circumference} & "cm\n",
  "* Leg Length: " & {Leg Length} & "cm\n",
  "* Ankle Circumference: " & {Ankle Circumference} & "cm\n"
  "* Foot Width " & {Foot Width} & "cm\n",
  "* Foot Length: " & {Foot Length} & "cm\n",

Get rid of the last comma, and make sure all other lines between the parenthesis end in one.

Ah, that worked. Is there a way to hide it if the field is empty?

Use this pattern to wrap each field in an IF statement.
Note that the last one will not have a comma at the end. That comma is to separate items in the CONCATENATE function.

  IF({Height} & "", "* Height: " & {Height} & "cm\n"),

If you will never have a measurement of zero, you can use a slightly simpler version:

  IF({Height}, "* Height: " & {Height} & "cm\n"),

Thank you for being up front and clear about your budget.

YAY! You guys are amazing, thank you!