Importing External Data then Have a Query Result

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4 - Data Explorer

What my team and I are trying to accomplish. Is have external user select information from the form. Once the form is submitted have the information that is linked be filtered and show the individual the result of the information.
User fills out a form and selects apples.
Things that are linked/mapped to apples will show up for them.

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Welcome to the Airtable community!

The options for showing data after a user submits a form are very limited.

Would a filtered shared view be able to show the data you want?

If so, here are some options.

  • If users select only one feature in the form (e.g. apples) or there are only a handful of option combinations, don’t use a form. Instead, have a shared view that lists the options along with button fields with urls that calculate the prefiltered shared view. Creating the url query strings for a prefiltered shared view by hand is a huge pain, but the app Ready-Made Formulas makes it easy.

  • If there are too many combinations of choices to have a table with button fields, you can have users include an email address in the form, then have an automation email the user with the prefiltered url for the shared view. You will need a script to calculate the prefiltered url. (If you do not code, but have budget to hire a script writer, feel free to book an appointment with me.

If prefiltered shared views will not work for you, another option is to look into a 3rd party portal, such as miniExtensions.

Thank you for both options that Airtable provides.

In regard to the second option. Is there a template in Airtable that would provide that similar script option? If so, do you happen to know the name of the template?

Airtable provides a very limited number of scripts, and none of them are designed to create a url for a prefiltered shared view. These types of scripts need to be customized to their bases.