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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Not sure if this is possible, but will try to describe what I’m hoping to do.

We get monthly sales reports from a variety of partners (Excel and CSVs), and each are different in terms of the number of columns and column headers, but there are a handful of columns that are consistent (productID, unitsSold, Sales) that I’d like to combine together into a single table.

My first thought was to create a base with a table structured the same as each partner’s report, then a master table that pulls those three common columns and merges them into consolidated columns. I’d then simply paste the new monthly data into these each month and the master table would miraculously update with the new data! But, alas, I’m realizing that’s not how AirTable works.

Is there a way to do what I’m trying to do? Or do I need to combine the data outside of AirTable each month first and THEN bring it in as a single, consolidated table?

I hope that’s clear(-ish) — thanks in advance for the help.


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If {Product ID} is a field in all your tables, then you can make each of those fields a link to another record-type field that connects to a “Products” table. Then your Products table would be able to use any number of Rollups or Lookups to pull in data from each connected table.

That would effectively result in the Master Table setup you need.