Comparing records from different tables in same base

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4 - Data Explorer

Here’s the scenario:

I have two tables I use for managing volunteer shifts:

Vollie Check In

A number of people forget to complete the Vollie Check In and I have to chase them up every day. If it was a paid job there’d be the incentive of getting paid only when you complete your check in, but as it’s voluntary I’m left herding cats every day.

What I want to do is either:

  • Create a view that filters Vollies who haven’t completed their check in that then triggers a daily automation email reminder, or
  • Skip the view altogether and create an automation that compares the respective Vollie field in each table for Today() and triggers the aforementioned automation.

I haven’t been able to find anything to compare records in respective tables in the community forum.


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All good man; glad you got it all sorted!

Yeah, it’s a bit of a head scratcher sigh