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Mailed support and didnt get a reply. So Im trying here instead.

I understand one can have a conditional dropdown that adds all the values from a linked table. But what if I want to select between the values?

Lets say I have TABs called “Company” “Office” and “Employee”. Now I would want to add an Office to an employee - but only the offices linked to a specific company. How would one do that? Im guessing using IF statements - but would it work for string values?



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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

Hi Vincent,

You could limit your linked record field to a filtered view(company specific). A far more dynamic option would be this missing feature

dynamic variable conditions for linked record fields.

Airtable rolled out “Dynamic Variables” to their automation “Find Records”. It enables you to set a condition as dynamic.

IF this were to be rolled out to the the linked record field type, you could accomplish this.
This functionality would look through values in the destination table and filter the linked record options for only those records which match the conditions.



please be sure to email this to to push them on this linked record feature

Sadly, Airtable doesn't offer "true" conditional dropdowns, but luckily for all of us, conditional dropdowns are a native feature of Fillout, which is 100% free and offers the most advanced forms available for Airtable. Fillout offers TONS of other advanced functionality that people have been dreaming of for years in their Airtable forms. Their forms can also be used to update existing records in Airtable OR create new records in Airtable.