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4 - Data Explorer

How can I change the the multi-select options based on whats chosen in a previous multi-selection field. For Example, if I have 2 multiple selection fields: Field 1 for State and Field 2 for City, if I choose New Jersey, only New Jersey cities would then be in field 2

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I’ve got the first pass at a technique supporting conditional conditional logic (that is, conditional logic — but only under certain conditions :winking_face: ) nearly complete – check ‘Show and Tell’ in a couple of hours.

And that’s why I am explaining another way.

Anyway, you know what City are you looking for, so why you need to select the State first? It does not matter to select the city, and then the city is populated automatically.

There’s a lot that we don’t know about Joshua’s situation. Maybe the end user of his base/table doesn’t necessarily know the city up front, and the state needs to come first. Or maybe they want to ensure that city names are spelled correctly, so the user has to choose it rather than typing it. I don’t know. In any case, I’ve seen interfaces that operate the way that Joshua described, so I’d prefer to give him what he wants (if it’s possible; I’m very eager to see what @W_Vann_Hall is brewing).

Of course, I write based on the things we do now.



It was neither my desire nor intention to turn this discussion into a confrontation. I value your contributions to the forum. If something I said made you feel like I was attacking you or your recommendation, I’m sorry.

The solution you and others offered—to begin with the city—is a great alternative, and it may very well work for Joshua’s needs. The reason I made my initial comment pointing out Joshua’s state-first-city-second request is because sometimes a request gets misinterpreted for any number of reasons, and people offer solutions that go a different direction. I’ve done that plenty of times myself, in this forum and elsewhere. I wasn’t sure if that was the case here, so I simply wanted to clarify Joshua’s initial request in case this might be one of those times. That’s all.

I am also waiting for something exactly as you described, to use in a sales table, so I can choose only specific salesperson based on their city

It took me longer than a couple of hours, but my first cut at conditionally limited choices can be found here. However, it works with linked records, not with single- or multi-selects.

Hi W_Vann_Hall
thanks, works exactly as I need
airtable should follow your example!!!

and maybe still are :slightly_smiling_face: