Connecting Multiple accounts in multiple tables

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4 - Data Explorer

How does one go about connecting multiple accounts in multiple tables for 3 people where each has:

a) 5 accounts are checking and/or savings accounts;
b) 1 account is cash account;
c) TRANSFER funds between accounts;
d) TRANSFER funds to/from 3 people;
e) Monitor income and expense in all these accounts separately/jointly on a monthly basis.

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There’s too much there to build out your base for you but your starting point should be three tables:


ACCOUNTS should be linked to PEOPLE. And TRANSACTIONS should be linked to ACCOUNTS via Payee and Payer fields.

You might want separate tables for CHECKING, SAVING and CASH accounts (instead of one single ACCOUNTS table) if they are fundamentally different. I doubt this should be the case though.

Once you have the structure correct you can start figuring out how to build in the functionality you require.