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Connecting multiple databases!

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Hi, friends!

Okay, I am setting up a group of databases for a client on Airtable. I love it but I am having issues connecting all of them to one another.

The app we are building is meant for users to be able to book private charters. There is an additional functionality that will allow the user to submit a route request and then be notified when there is a flight that matches their criteria - ie from Denver, CO to Aspen, CO.

So, I have 4 databases.

  1. The airport codes. Each city has multiple airport codes associated with it. For example, there are 3 airports associated with “Denver, CO”.

  2. The flights. This info flows through directly from admin adding the flights in our app.

  3. Notification requests. This info flows through directly from users submitting a request in the app.

  4. Users. With all of the user info.

Any idea how to connect multiple databases to one specific column? In addition, is there a way to populate when a flight is added from a certain airport that falls under the city state parameters to the users desired location?

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