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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I work with a bunch of clients and I would like to track all the projects we have received from them organized by year (i don’t need help with that part)…

In addition, is there a way for airtable to track all these projects or bid created from that specific client to determine the percentage a sale would be lost or made. Or create a graph to see how the client was obtained/connected to our other clients…(referral/email/tradeshow)?

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Hey @brittany_Barnes!

This is interesting.
Just to make sure I understand your use case and requirements:

You have clients and projects.
Clients can be linked to multiple project records.
Clients can also be linked to another client record based on connections, referrals, etc.


Any additional information or clarification would be greatly appreciated!

In terms of creating a visualization of the client-to-client relationships, you would build a dependency to link client records to one another based on whether they have a child/parent relationship.
You can then use the hierarchy extension to help visualize it.

But again, more information is greatly appreciated.

Hi Ben,

That is pretty much exactly what I was looking to do if that was possible in airtable.

This is how i have it set up now (pretty simple) I’m trying to prevent creating a new sheet to track the data and having to update 2 sheets with the same information