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4 - Data Explorer

[First time Airtable user]
I am working to create a master database of contacts linked to their segments in the industry. And in those new tables I want there to be more information on the companies.

Table 1: Master contact list
I want this table to hold all contact information of the person including if their company that they work for is in the Top company list on other lists that I have. These lists are detailed statistics and information on each company in my industry.

Other tables I thought I might have are: Clients, Topp Supplement Companies, Top Raw Material companies, etc.

I need help in organizing this data to where if I go to a person. And I know they are the CEO of X company, then I can see if that company is in the other lists I have (maybe in another table?) and from there I can see all of the information I have on this company and having all of this linked…

If this makes any sense at all please let me know and if you have any suggestions that would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!!

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You need to use Linked Record and Lookup fields:

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi there,

I’m looking into our company upgrading to Pro version and I am wondering if there is the required restrictions and security that are in place so that the CEO is the owner, then two administrative users with full access to everything but cannot delete the the accounts and then the remaining team to be just a user or editor? So if a member of staff left the company, the information in Airtable cannot be deleted or relocated by anyone except for the owner? Is this something that can be applied to ensure the company has complete ownership of the documents?

Thank you in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Old thread but I wanted add to it since Im looking for better options as well.

The link to info on the link to record field is the route to go and I do like how this works for connecting employees/ personnel to companies and you can even connect people that work under other people an that is great. you dont need separate tables for different companies just a field where you categorize them the way you want and airtable offers a lot of ways to view, filter or synch them and that is all really great.

what happens next and getting that into other tables is what I have come to hate in Airtable because it should really be super easy.

Essentially Airtbale's user field should be a contact field. the user field is great internally but on team and above plans especially they should've a contact book . 

Yes you can synch the table into another base but this is a process I think is so obnoxious to claim "database" function you stil have to go back to the main table to add people.

If your list is fairly small and has minor changes that a form can handle then it feel nice. but if you need to constantly be adding to that list from a base you ar working in and trying to bring people from your datasbe into it is a mess. It's just a a lot of BASE jumping and it becomes annoying quickly if you are trying to work fast. interface buttons and forms provide some workflow options but then if you work in the actual data tables you just start to feel stuck and its just not intuitive enough to not require heavier onboarding than "this is how you add people" should take. 

2 way synch should be teh default function of synch. you cant add new records through it and having an d"open record" button to makes edits to one that isn't 2 way synch isnt that big of a deal, if anything now you are back in that base and can add new people to the list easier. 

We are film production company and so far that alone has made it a non starter. if adding and moving around crew coming from both the database and new hires on a project is overly complicated and clumsy it's just not the right tool.