Convoluted question about reporting per diem payments due

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hello kind forum. I hope someone can advise.

I need to generate a tabular report for who is due to be paid per diems for the previous week. The report needs to look something like this:

Name____________ Number of Days of PD Due
J. Smith_______________________7
J. Doe _______________________6
J. Brown_____________________5

That is to say that I need to show the number of days that per diem is due for each person for the previous week.

The base has a table of employees. There is also a “Daily Reports” table that the field manager fills out with a ton of information. This table has one record for each day.

I would like to add a link-to-record field that is called “Not Due Per Diem Today”, that links to the Employees table. This will allow the manager to indicate the small number of people on his team who are NOT due per diem, rather than indicate the large number of people who ARE due per diem.

So then I need to create the table as described, presumeably from the Employees table, using the link from the Daily Reports table - which tells me for which days each employee is NOT due per diem.

So I know easily who is not due per diem for a day, but how do I translate that into the people who ARE due per diem, and then ‘count’ those instances to create the needed table?

I realize that this is a bit confusing - please ask for any clarification needed.
Thanks in advance.

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