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Google drive photos uploaded to Airtable disappear! Green Frame!

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Hi there. I’m using API to upload my photos from google drive to airtable. When they uploaded, after few second, a green frame remove them. How…! What is green frame! why my photos deleted!

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That’s Airtable’s visual indicator that someone, their user icon will appear at the right, is currently editing the value for that cell. “Someone” includes API requests, Airtable’s native automations, scripts, etc. You can expand a record that had photos deleted to view the edit history.

I’m did’nt remove anything!

According to the history it seems like you did. That could mean one of a few things:

  1. You edited the data manually by mistake. This is unlikely, you wouldn’t be posting here if you were the one making these edits.
  2. Some system or process is using your API key and is not set up properly, and as a result its deleting values that you otherwise wouldn’t want deleted. Anytime your API key is used, Airtable counts that as “you”. Regardless, you need to investigate your API call to make sure its only being called when it needs to, and that it isn’t deleting field values when it shouldn’t.

Everything was working fine before 3 months. it’s a new issue.

I’m having this same issue with a google drive related api. Did you ever figure out how to stop it from disappearing?

This is an Airtable issue (perhaps also caused by Filestack). I asked Airtable support about this and they confirmed its an issue between Filestack and Google Drive… but then I changed my API to use S3 instead of Google Drive and am now having the same issue.

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