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Copy and Pasting into a Linked Cell

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I want to paste a string of text into a linked cell and have it recognize the linked relationship. I have about 2,000 lines of data to copy and paste into Airtable.

For example, I want to copy the following addresses into cells where the cells link to another table.
123 Main Street, Anywhere, CA, 90210
578 Main Street, Anywhere, CA, 90215

I have not had any luck in pasting it or in the cells recognizing the link. I have also tried “wrapping” the text string in commas as follows:
“123 Main Street, Anywhere, CA, 90210”
“578 Main Street, Anywhere, CA, 90215”

No luck with that method either.

Any suggestions?

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I just tried copying and pasting into a linked field and I can successfully create the link. Can you share the schema of your linked tables. Also what happens when you paste. Do you see any error? Does the text get pasted at all?

It doesn’t give me an error message, it actually looks like its attempting to paste the data. And, it actually creates additional records to make room for the pasted data. However, the results are blank.

Did you wrap it in quotation marks? Maybe I have too many commas in the data string?

Not sure if this plays into it, but the “Property Address” field in the table I’m trying to link to is actually a formula.

Is the {Property Address} field the primary field? Even if it’s a formula, it should work, but it needs to be the primary field, and the spelling, capitalization, spacing, etc. of what you’re pasting will need to be an exact match for the formula’s output. If it’s not an exact match, it will make a new record, but that primary field will be blank because the formula will be pulling from empty fields (or defaulting to null output, depending on your formula design).

Yes, {Property Address } is the primary field. And, what I’m trying to paste into the cells are perfect matches of the linked cells (text, commas, spacing…everything).

I think this issue, is in fact, related to the formula.