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Copy/Move a record to another BASE

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Is there a metod to copy or move a record frome BASE 1 to BASE 2?
Not between two table of the same base but between two differents table.

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Hi @Enrico_Zoia

The best way to do this is by using Integromat, an automation app.

Here’s the link if you want to check it out:

They also have a Facebook forum.

Hope these suggestions help.


I use integromat but i didn’t find the option “when record matches conditions” (or similar)
Can you tell me what trigger i have to use?

Hi @Enrico_Zoia!

This is the scenario that I use to transfer records from one base to another.

Hope it helps!


Ok, thank you so much! In “search record” i have to use a formula? What formula is it?

Hi @Enrico_Zoia!

I took a screenshot and made a few comments, inside the image.

Hope this will be helpful!



Now i’m doing this:
I use “Search Record”, if a condition is true it create another record to another table (with the same name). But it doesn’t work. Is it correct this? :arrow_down:

Hi @Enrico_Zoia!

I am more familiar with how I did my formula, but I think that the formula should be one key or another, not two different unique keys.

This is my understanding.

The other thing you can try, for your formula, type the first part, then after the equal sigh, use the Airtable mapping/value tag. Keep the quotes, though.


Hi, i’m doing this scenario (i was very busy last week) but integromat do only the first (watch records) and after stops saying “scenario compleate” (but it isn’t true).
Maybe i’ve mistaken something in the formula? Here is a photo
The “Da condividere” fields is a ceckbox.

Hi @Enrico_Zoia!

Try reversing the formula.

If you can explain a little bit, what you would like your formula to do?

Usually, this formula is going to tell Integromat, that if my unique key (a field that is always different), in Airtable, should be matched with the data coming into the scenario. Then once it matches the correct data, then it will place that incoming data into the correct record.

This is my understanding of this formula field.

Thank you,

I have a fiield with a ceckbox ad I want that integromat watch all records I have in my table and, if the ceckbox is signed integromat do an action (create another record). How can i do this?

Hi @Enrico_Zoia!

I believe that this can be done, unfortunately, I don’t know too much about these functions.

I would suggest that you post this issue on the Integromat forum in Facebook.

Someone there might be able to assist you.


Create your formula field in Airtable first. Make sure that it results in any non-zero, non-error, non-false value. Your formula field can result in 1 or pretty much any other value that you’d like. Then copy and paste that formula into Integromat.

If you simply want to search for a checkbox field being checked, you can just use the name of your checkbox field (within curly brackets) in Integromat, since a checked checkbox field equals the value 1.

Thanks a lot @ScottWorld and @M_k!
I do it!!