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Hello. I’m building a table for answering a questionnaire. A person can answer many questions and each answer get a new record. I would like to add a function that counts the number of questionnaire that has been sent in. So I need to find a function that’s not summing the answers (many answers in one questionnaire), but rather count the number of people that has taken the questionnaire. Is that possible?

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Unless I’m missing something here, one person = one record.

So… just count the number of records? Could do that with an autonumber field and a view sorted by it, so just one formula, no Scripting app involvement.

Hey, Dominik.

I wish that was the case. Than it would be a great solution.

In this case it’s many answers (records) from different people. I would like to have one field adding all of the combined questions. Think of it as ordering. I would like to have a field where I can see number unique persons that has ordered.

That’s actually not that big of a difference. Given how you posted this to Airtable Sync, I’m assuming you’re aiming to do it with an automation? Filtering out unique values from an Array is as simple as spreading out a new set object. So, combined with a straightforward query for polling the table itself, I’m certain this info and the power of Google can be enough for anyone to make this happen within a few hours. You could also do it with linked records + rollups, if you set an automation to auto-link your new records.

The latter scenario would involve zero code, but again, it doesn’t get much lower-code than this:

//assuming author names are in the primary field:
[ Set(yourQueryRecordsResultObject.records)]
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Hi Mathias. If you have the pro plan, there’s this…