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4 - Data Explorer

Simple question, can’t seem to work it out.

Table 1: Orders table with mutlple records all containing an ID for the product it relates to. (I have used the API to constantly add the product orders to a new record constantly)

Table 2: Stock list that counts how many records with the product id appear in the order list and subtracts from total stock (static number)

My issue is I don’t know how to count how many records in table 1 and display in table 2. I can do all the other formula parts of the problem, but getting the count of records in a different table I can;t seem to understand how to do.

Thanks for assistance in advance!

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You have to link the records.

If Table 1 is orders, and Table 2 is products, each Order has to be linked to one more more Products. Then, in Table 2, each Product will be able to count how many Orders have requested that Product by using a “Count” field.